küchenwohntrends – Premium trade fair Munich

The Munich trade fair has achieved double-digit growth rates with every new event so far. For its 7th edition in 2016, the trade fair is presenting itself for the first time under the banner of “Kitchen Living Trends” – significantly expanding its previous kitchen theme to include living, furnishing and sleeping. This new format completes the development initiated along with “Living Trends” in 2014: merging separate living areas – something that can be experienced live at the new “Kitchen Living Trends”.

By modernising what used to be treated as the strictly separate areas of living, working, cooking and celebration, this trade fair event opens many new opportunities. This means that what already belongs together in real life is finally celebrating its premiere as a holistic show on March 20 and 21, 2016: “Kitchen Trends” plus “Living Trends” results in “Kitchen Living Trends”.

Premium: The greatest trade fair enjoyment guaranteed

The name says it all. The following claim is also new: “Premium Trade Fair Munich”. With “Kitchen Living Trends”, the organiser is providing a premium event covering all trade fair dimensions: from additional interesting exhibitors to attractive new visitor groups.

“Premium” for the trade fair format and premium for exhibitors and visitors alike. Extensive media work, unique services for exhibitors as well as free catering for all trade fair participants contribute even more added value to the trade event, making it exceptional and appealing.

Growth: For exhibitors and visitors alike

An extraordinarily wide range of exhibitors is thus expected in 2016: businesses and premium companies from the entire range of kitchen and kitchen accessories, from the food segment, from table to chairs to benches, from the living and sleeping segments, including upholstery and seating furniture as well as a variety of home accessories. Further exhibitors at the 2016 “Kitchen Living Trends” fair will be trade associations and service providers, in particular planning software and enterprise resource planning systems as well as online tools.

Magnet: Special events

“Special events” provide important premium added value at the trade fair. What began in 2014 as “Kitchen Products” will, just as with merging living spaces, be further developed with the staging of holistic kitchen living spaces in a central area of the trade fair. Kitchen, dining, and living – all in a single, open “living space” at the trade fair.

Several exhibitors are participating per “living space” in a total presentation. There will be several “living space” concepts for various exhibitors. This project is intended to spark enthusiasm among trade visitors for the showcasing of holistic living spaces and premium lifestyle consumers will find exactly what they would like to experience in one coherent area. Exhibiting companies, however, will be focusing on existing and completely new contacts.

More about the "Living space" project

“Design Trends” gives exhibitors the opportunity to place individual items at “Kitchen Living Trends” in a large, prepared communal area. With or without staff: “Design Trends” enables exhibitors to present their highlights as individual products while keeping their budgets manageable. Visitors will be able to move around freely at “Design Trends” and even discover their favourite items as they wish.

Welcome: Even more trade visitors plus premium furnishing consumers

The premium trade fair at the MOC provides architects and interior designers, real estate developers, experts from the kitchen and furniture trade, joiners or carpenters, associations, partnerships and networks as well as industry the ultimate hotspot for new products, innovations, know-how transfer, contact initiation and successful business deals. Only here can interested trade experts enjoy a close up encounter with current furnishing trends from all over Germany and neighbouring countries.

But they are not the only visitors to benefit! “Kitchen Living Trends” is additionally opening its gates to a special group of people on trade fair Sunday: selected premium furnishing consumers residing in the Munich area. Consumers who are particularly interested in the opportunity to get to visit a furnishings trade fair with innovative products and concepts. Premium thus meets premium.

Optimised: Trade fair days on Sunday and Monday

Opening “Kitchen Living Trends" on Sunday and Monday allows an extended trade audience to be reached that for various reasons was unable to benefit from the previous trade fair days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Entrepreneurs and retailers will adore trade fair Sunday. The two-day duration will nevertheless not be exceeded. After all, the Munich furniture trade fair is an event that offers maximum quality and quantity in a premium atmosphere and a short period of time.


Added value:

  • What belongs together grows together: kitchen, dining and living
  • Premium: highest performance for you
  • Growth: more exhibitors
  • New special events: “Living Space and “Design Trends”
  • Even more visitors plus new visitor groups
  • Even more attractive: new Sunday and Monday trade fair days