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A premium experience for all the senses.

Services and benefits for exhibitors

The Munich küchenwohntrends, now a premium exhibition, will be held in a fascinating setting in the Munich district of Schwabing-Freimann for the first time. The event will be staged there in a professional and breathtaking way. küchenwohntrends 2020 attracts top level entrepreneurs, architects and designers from across the whole of Germany. Affluent consumers from the greater area of Munich and Bavaria with an affinity for the finer things in life will also be attending on the Sunday of the premium trade fair. 

Exhibitors at küchenwohntrends 2020 are brand companies, principally premium brands from the kitchen furniture, living, light and electrical devices areas and related topics e.g. brand worlds for affluent consumers.

The key details surrounding küchenwohntrends 2020

Trade visitors attend from all over Germany as well as from neighbouring countries.

Because of this, you are able to reach a high concentration of trade visitors that make up the life blood of the domestic market.

Trade fair comes to Munich

Munich is alluring: another reason why trade visitors never miss this trade fair.

Architect and project engineer visitors

Architects and project engineers give advice, plan and make recommendations. You can take advantage of this to pre-sell your products and services. 

The breath-taking ambiance of industrial monuments

A one of a kind chance to display your trade fair stand in an extraordinary ambiance. Thereby affording you intensive recognition.

A manageable premium trade fair across over 7,000 m2

The bigger the trade fair is, the more spread out the visitors will be. The smaller the trade fair is, the more attention you will receive. At küchenwohntrends, trade visitors are able to focus on the very manageable number of exhibitors. This allows them to meet new contacts and create deeper connections with exhibitors.

Presentation kitchen, the fusion of kitchen and living space

When there isn’t any segmentation, a visitor will move throughout the entire hall. Due to the interesting variety scattered throughout the halls, you are able to reach visitors you wouldn’t have been able to reach at a large trade fair. This can lead to making valuable new contacts.

Manageable stand sizes

All stands are sized between 20 and 200 m2. This ensures that the trade fair does not tend towards gigantic proportions,

while also being budget friendly. You are on equal ground with other exhibitors and can present your products to your target market at a low cost. 

Lifestyle consumers with high purchasing power

The end users of your products are the consumers. At küchenwohntrends, you can communicate directly with consumers, and pre-sell both your products and your brand. This means you can better serve your existing trade partners as well. Furthermore, you are increasing the demand for your product. The more demand there is on the market for your brand or products, the more you will profit.

Possibilities to integrate trade partners

On Sunday at the trade fair, when lifestyle consumers with high purchasing power are visiting the trade fair, you can choose to have one of your trade partners, or even the team at your flagship store present. This will allow you to directly lead customers to your trade partners. This will boost the sales of your trade partner’s or your own store, thereby increasing your revenue.

Living space – turn up with your products and team – we will take care of the rest

The results of the living space project include open living solutions comprising of both kitchen and living space. As an exhibitor you only have to turn up to the “Living space” project with your products. No stand construction required! Our design team will be taking care of all the production. You tell us which products you are attending with, and we will take care of staging the “Living spaces”. Your brand image will be adopted as well. This allows you to present your products in interesting surroundings on a budget.

You will save money and meet interesting new contacts without the added pressure of designing a trade fair stand. The visitors will pass through every single living space, enabling your sales team to reach visitors quickly and directly. This is a great way for you to gain new clients and create access to your trade partners in a new atmosphere and on a budget.

High market presence

Brands are alluring: for trade professionals, architects and visitors. Why not present yourself with a stand or a living space and be

surrounded by interesting brands? When it comes to brands, the emphasis is not on the price, but rather on the brand itself and their interesting products. This allows you to make new contacts in a setting where the emphasis is not on price. Your marketing can focus less on discounts and more on brands and interesting products.

Lots of media attention

There is specialist and public media coverage of the event and the exhibitors both before and during the trade fair. Because the trade fair is of a manageable size, you as an exhibitor will appear alongside your products in the press, thereby drawing lasting attention to your brand. 

You decide whether you would like to increase your budget for media advertisements or whether you would rather be a walking advertisement and attend küchenwohntrends with your team (trade fair stand instead of adverts). 

We are committed to your appearance at küchenwohntrends. For us, your success is our priority!

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