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Breathtaking location

The küchenwohntrends will be held in one of Munich’s most exciting locations: a unique former industrial complex, some of it listed, in Schwabing-Freimann, close to the site of previous fairs in the Lilienthalallee. 

The ensemble of the Zenith hall, Kohlebunker and Kesselhaus –“a jewel among Munich’s event venues” – offers the perfect setting for this important trade event in living and kitchens, which welcomes some carefully selected consumers too. As a part of the erstwhile railway repair works, the site offers some fascinating contrasts and architectural highlights – the perfect backdrop for küchenwohntrends.

Location-Trio Zenith, Kohlebunker und Kesselhaus

Zenith hall Zenith hall

Zenith hall

The Zenith Hall is a former workshop for iron construction, built in the 1910s for King Ludwig III of Bavaria. It owes its special charm and fascinating ambiance to its industrial past. Its sensitive renovation has made it a unique architectural attraction.

This building will be transformed into a trade and events venue for kitchens and related areas. The historic metal supports underline the hall’s character and contrast sharply with the modern fittings. The breathtaking construction of the hall roof will be illuminated throughout küchenwohntrends to intoxicating effect. This will be a Gesamtkunstwerk, the like of which has never before been seen in the world of showcasing.

The Zenith Hall will also serve as the backdrop for some exciting podium events on stimulating topics looking to the future. The entire hall will be transformed into an events arena with a carefully selected programme of entertainment.

Kohlebunker Kohlebunker


For more than 50 years, all that remained of the Kohlebunker was its foundation walls. Now a renowned team of architects has transformed it into a building of stone, metal and glass that is flooded with light. This historic structure now lends itself to contemporary use, almost inviting us to “live in it”. And what could be more appropriate than the ‘Living Space’ project 2018 finding its new home here in the Kohlebunker. 

The “Living Space” project entails staging displays of open-plan living spaces. A well-known team of architects will be creating a number of different living space solutions. The Kohlebunker with its open walls, glass roof and iron staircases is so exciting a space that the furnishings and fittings exhibited in each living space are able to shine.

Approximately 60 exhibitors have the chance to exhibit their individual products in the special ‘Living Space’ showcase. It is not necessary to have your own stand for this. Clear labelling will supply visitors with all the relevant information on the individual products on display. This will give exhibitors the opportunity to reach whole new target groups among the visitors. At the same time there will, for example, be new, forward-looking presentations on how to put these ideas into practice in trade showrooms. 

Kesselhaus Kesselhaus


Today the Kesselhaus, once the power house of Munich North, is known as the “cool dude” of the three events buildings. Erected with a solid steel construction at the beginning of the last century and designed for use with heavy loads, this power station was the starting point for rapid industrialisation. 

Everywhere there are pipes soaring up to the high ceiling, massive boilers gleaming and rusting fittings on bare brick walls, all bringing the past to life. This former thermal power station is almost 90 years old – with every step he takes, the visitor moves between the industrial revolution and today’s revolution in contemporary decor. The Kesselhaus will contain island trade stands surrounded by visitors on all sides. The catering area for küchenwohntrends will also be set up in this building. 

Together the Zenith Hall, Kohlebunker and Kesselhaus situated side by side provide the perfect base for new, inspiring ideas and easy, open and unconventional stand displays. Each of the three buildings is unique, offering a very special kind of experience. Take the plunge into this completely new way of showcasing living, cooking and furnishing. 


küchenwohntrends exhibition ground map

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